Thursday, February 24, 2022

Love Lies Cold by Julience....amazing!!!

 "Love lies cold" by Julience is something infectious, contagious, & vibrant.  I definitely love the instrumentation & the cohesiveness of the guitars and lyrics.  I'm also always a fan of some great guitar play and some drums & that's exactly what you're getting on "Love lies cold".  Julience captures my attention from the very start of the song & I can admit half way through the song I had to start it over because it sounded so amazing.  The beginning of the song gives me a feel like none other...almost like a super hero or this should be my theme song or something of that nature.  "In the darkness we're lovers baby but in the streets our love lies cold, i'm still waiting for something better from you", this is pretty much a song about being between a rock & a hard place, passion & hate, & a relationship that's too hot to handle. All & all this is one of the best songs of the year.  High quality lyrics, high quality instrumentation, and high quality feels.  This is a timeless song by Julience that will never get old.  

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