Friday, March 18, 2022

Allan Ertman & this great instrumental album

 Allan Ertman released the instrumental album "Begun" & it's refreshing to hear.  I love to hear instrumentals that sound good throughout the song & it makes you feel emotions.  One of my favorite instrumentals on the project is "Dance Yourself Away"...I must admit that's the perfect title for that instrumental because that's exactly what it makes you want to do.  It feels like any and everybody can dance to this with no worries while having a good time.  "That's what friends are for" feels good!!!! It's one of those instrumentals that puts you in a good mood...almost in a celebratory mode as well.  This might be my favorite on the project because I want to play it over and over....and over.  The uptempo feel of "Beat 19" gets your head nodding as soon as it comes on.  The beginning of "Scoop" gives me a hip-hop feel mixed with an eclectic feel.  I love the vibe of this one as well, this is another instrumental that makes you feel good once you hear it.  Kudos & much respect to Allan Ertman on releasing a very great instrumental album.  

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